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new content.
I don't know how far we want to go into the Rs3 content, but considering that we have the ascension crossbow I decided to suggest this.

For people who can't or are just plane too cheap to but nex gear. We should add ports. The armour is T85 so it's not as good but it's craftable and would most likely be cheaper. It's a great way to motivate people to train their skills up and it and overall a decent daily. We could have the regular tradable armour, the non-tradeable armour, and obviously all three combat styles of armour to make.
[Image: 750db1886b55b67dbf84876eb253f454.png]
[Image: e99e9b250fe6c617fd494372241d8419.png]
[Image: df34e61511fc1063e062330bb8e84736.png]

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