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Oldschooled's Mod Application
Well the King is back, the same Oldschooled from Exoria 1.

-I was a Moderator for Exoria 3-4 years ago
-Was always on the forums with the "Official Exoria Price Guide" as well as the Highscores back in the day
-First to obtain 200m Summoning XP (it was actually 210M because there wasn't a cap on summoning since you had to buy 13.034M sum xp for 1B at the time) I mean that has to count for something right?

Just looking for something to do in my spare time since I dont see myself getting back into botting rs07 anymore.
hes baqq
[Image: 02ff93cf53f954defd9aaf20235b5bb7.png]
[Image: ce4559201f2d3540fb9052433356b427.png]

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